The benefits of using Electronic Leak Detection System

  • Why use Liquid Integrity Systems?

    Liquid Integrity Systems have been successfully deployed within Australia and have proven to be extremely effective in detecting leaks within new and operational ponds.

  • No specialised monitoring

    Our monitoring systems do not require specialised monitoring by experienced contractor personnel. Liner status, images of system output and complementary data are sent directly to the client in a format that can be assessed by staff with minimal instruction.

    This key feature allows clients to assess the integrity and status of their own facilities without the need for ongoing and expensive monitoring. Our systems may also be integrated into client control systems, providing signals direct to control rooms as required.

  • Real time data

    Data collection cycles can be programmed to occur automatically on almost any schedule required by you. Facilities can be monitored as frequently as needed and liner integrity and water telemetry data can be gathered in near real time. This allows leaks to be detected very quickly after occurring, and means that you can respond to changing conditions as quickly as required.

    Your staff may also activate the system manually if needed. This may be helpful if work has been carried out within or near the pond and users wish to ensure no damage to the liner has occurred.

  • Retrofit to existing facilities

    Liquid Integrity Systems may be retrofitted to older or existing facilities and are designed for long term deployment. This has allowed our clients to meet regulatory requirements, and provide assurance their existing facilities are not leaking and will continue to be monitored for the life of the pond.

  • No additional utilities required

    Wireless connectivity and solar power means that no additional utilities are required to allow Liquid Integrity’s monitoring systems to function. This may be particularly useful for remote sites with limited or no access to communications and power utilities.

  • Huge range of data provided

    The communications, power and processing capability of Liquid Integrity Systems means that almost any desired telemetry can be collected and analysed from the facility being monitored. In addition to liner status, we provide water depth, water quality and temperature information. Additional information can be provided as required. Custom warnings and communications may also be provided automatically to client staff or systems if any monitored aspect falls outside of the configured ranges, for example, operations staff may be alerted by email should water depth exceed desired levels.

For more information on the benefits of Liquid Integrity Systems, contact us today on +61 8 8371 0200.