Solutions available for any project

  • Rental

    If you are only looking to use our system for a short period of time, like for commissioning of a facility, or for an adhoc inspection of a facility, you can rent a system from us.

  • Split System

    If you are on a restricted budget we can significantly reduce your upfront capital costs by only installing the sensors required to detect the leak. These sensors are permanently installed, and when an inspection is required, you simply call us out at a fixed rate to connect the hardware and run the system.

  • Permanent System

    Our permanent system is for customers who want assurance that their facility is leak free 365 days a year. It can be retrofitted or installed during construction.

General Requirements

The system will take around 2 days to set up for a 20,000m2 dam. Ideally the surface of the liner is accessible by foot, however if there is already liquid in the dam, we can use alternate methods of deploying the sensors. The time required to detect leaks depends on the fill rate. If the facility is already full, if there are leaks present they will be detected immediately. It is recommended that the system is left in for a month or so to give the full head pressure of the facility time to develop potential leak sites into actual leaks. This may be a defective weld, or a rock pushing through the liner.

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